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  • ODLS Foundation, 1st Floor, S.PACE E3-114 10 no. market area Colony Bhopal pincode-462016
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  • Mon - Sat 10:30 am to 7:00 Pm Sunday Closed
  • ODLS Foundation, 1st Floor, S.PACE E3-114 10 no. market area Colony Bhopal pincode-462016
  • 8299831701
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    In these times, our poor children have been affected the most.
    All our Children need to keep learning
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    Child development happens physically, emotionally, socially
    and intellectually during these time.
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    Are you ready to be the change?

Our Vision

To be a leading global Free E-learning Website that provides a transformative education to create leaders and innovators, and generates new knowledge for society and industry.

Our Mission

ODLS Academy is committed to providing best education, healthcare and mental care  to all Students. ODLS Academy believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life means, because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one’s awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behavior to understanding one’s rights, and in the process evolve as a better citizen.

Features Of Courses


Interactive Live & Recorded Classes: Attend Live Classes, participate in Live Chat and get your doubts cleared - all during the class. After Class when you need you can watch recorded lecture.


Weekly Mock Tests & Quizzes: Take full-length Mock Tests and quizzes and be assured that your preparation is on the right track.


Performance Statistics: Analyst your performance in Mock Tests with a detailed report of correct and incorrect questions, topic-wise breakdown, percentile score and check your progress.


Practice Section: Test your preparation topic-wise with the newly introduced Practice section.


Never miss a class: Get notified for lessons, upcoming courses and recommendations curated just for you, and stay on track with your schedule.

Lecture Notes: Download Lecture Notes and get access to Recorded Sessions of Live Classes. Revisit important topics whenever you need.

Anytime, Anywhere: Watch our classes, live or recorded, anytime from the comfort of all your devices.

Free Book Store (download any Book) and Request unavailable book according your need.

Chat with your batch students - follow and send follow request.

Challenge your friend for solving questions.


Lifetime free doubt clearing - upload your question in 2 sec.

More than 4,00,000 Questions available for practice.


Different Event conducted every month for your improvement.


Solution of 1000+ books of Math's, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Arts etc.


Daily Yoga & Fitness Exercise without any equipment. Help you to maintain your health


Diet Plan provided to every students for health improvement by expert doctors.


Brain Memory Booster Training for every students. Study Music's, Brain Exercise, Learning Technique .

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What is Earn & Learn Program

Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn)

Join The Movement

The pandemic has hit children in poor families the most. Now more than ever we need to solve the education crisis. This will lead to a safer, happier, more prosperous India for all of us. Getting there will take a movement of all of us, for all our children. Join the movement.

Who Can Join?

. Student

. Graduate Person

. Teacher

. Working Professional